K3. Encounters in citizen science

Keynote | Chairperson: Susanne Hecker | Wednesday, 09 September 2020 | 14:30-15:30

14:30-15:30  |  Encounters in citizen science

Author/s: Núria Castell, Jacob Sherson, Pietro Michelucci and Katja Mayer

Presenters: Núria Castell, Jacob Sherson, Pietro Michelucci, Katja Mayer

Our theme this year is "encounters" - meetings of minds that are sometimes unexpected, sometimes challenging our perceptions, and many times enjoyable where we learn new things. The beauty of citizen science is that it crosses, effortlessly (or not) disciplines, geographies, and modes of science - from basic to applied, from physics to the social sciences, from the university to the environmental protection agencies, and so on. In this keynote discussion, we will start a chain reaction with a conversation between two leading and innovative practitioners of citizen science, in which each is interviewer and interviewee - what positions will be heard? Which themes will emerge? Tune in to the four conversations, and find out... In our conversations, we have Núria Castell, Jacob Sherson, Katja Mayer and Pietro Michelucci.

The session continued in the Social Room on zoom during the Coffee Break (no recordings).