E-poster guidelines

E-poster guidelines

You will receive the link to connect to your session as a speaker 2 days before your session. If you have not received it the day before your contribution is scheduled, write to ecsa2020@medialab.sissa.it. Different sessions have different links, so be sure not to mix them if you speak in more than one session.
Please connect 15 minutes before the start of the session using Chrome as preferred browser, and read carefully the best practices for the use of the ECSA 2020 streaming platform.

Posters need to meet the following requirements:

  • Orientation: landscape
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Format: PDF (max 40 Mb)
  • Submission deadline: 23 August 2020

Once logged in, you can find the upload form here and both the e-poster and summary can be modified until August 31st from this page. If you can't find your e-poster slot, please remember to check among those already uploaded, because maybe one of your coauthor has already done it.

All e-posters are available here to all registered participants during the whole duration of the conference.

E-poster sessions will consist of 5-minute presentations (Q&A included) streamed through the conference platform. These presentations will not be recorded. During the 5 minutes, the speaker will present her/his e-poster by sharing it on their computer screen. We then invite poster presenters to use a software able to zoom in and out to facilitate visualization on the computer screen of specific poster parts. Questions will be gathered via Q&A chat and addressed to the speaker by the e-poster session chairperson.

Presenters are strongly encouraged to clearly indicate whether or not photography/recording of their poster and sharing/remixing of the material is permitted. One possibility is to incorporate into their poster one of the following images: YES or NO.