Registration to the ECSA 2020 online conference, Encounters in Citizen Science, closed on August 30th.



For the online conference, the fees are split into three categories.

Conference Supporter

We are asking all conference participants to consider whether they can support ECSA and the conference hosts by paying the same fees as for the onsite conference. We hope that this will be possible for some people and institutions, considering there are no longer any travel or accommodation costs. This will help us to cover the costs of hosting an online conference and help to support others to be part of this event (in the supported category).

Those who are able to do so will be listed on the conference website as conference supporters, in recognition of their contribution to ECSA and the conference.  ECSA can provide an official letter of thanks and explanation, should you need this for your organisation to justify the higher cost.

Alongside our gratitude, we have also prepared a nice present for the conference supporters: a special hand made conference bag produced by Apeiron  with some gifts from Trieste.


This category the covers the organising cost for participating in an online conference.


We appreciate that conference fees are a major cost for many people, for a number of reasons. We are therefore offering a fee of €50 for those who cannot afford the full prices. This is supported by those people who pay the conference supporter rate, the full rate and the conference hosts. We ask people to only select this option if they cannot afford to take part otherwise.  


Conference supporter rate for non-ECSA members €300 
Conference supporter rate for ECSA members €200 
Standard rate for non-ECSA members €150 
Standard rate  for ECSA members €100 
Supported rate €50 


Become an ECSA member to receive the member discount

Why we are asking you to pay to attend an online conference

Organizing online conferences can be just as expensive as hosting an onsite event, and in some cases even more so. For the ECSA 2020 online conference, the hosts must cover a number of costs:

We are therefore asking all participants to pay a registration fee for the online conference. However,  we are keeping these as low as possible to ensure as many people as possible can now take part (the limit of the platform is 1,000 people, more than double the capacity of 400 for our original venue).